Gift Idea Gallery

Wood Engraved Book

A book with a unique bamboo engraved cover, for names or a personal message! Perfect for a scrapbook or a shared notebook, and a perfect anniversary gift!

Maple Wood Engraved USB Drive

A USB drive made of maplewood, engraved with a little message or name. How about saving a romantic slide show or video within, and presenting this as a special gift?

Circular Rose Necklace

A uniquely designed rose necklace, different from the usual rose-shaped necklaces out there. Not a strictly customizable gift, but beautiful nonetheless! Select from Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver.

Engraved Marble Disc Ornament

Marble has become a unique material for customization, blending a natural feel with a modern touch – how about this little disc ornament, with an engraving in the middle?

Marble Designed Passport Cover

Another marble-designed product, but this time taking on a unique shape as a passport cover! Make your travels that little bit more artistic with this customizable marble cover.

Wooden Watch – Clear Cover

A perfect gift for any occasion, a custom-made high quality wooden watch made from various different shades of wood, with a clear cover on the top.

Crescent Moon Crystal Suncatcher

A little bauble designed to catch, refract and scatter sunlight. Engrave a romantic message on the crescent, and hang it in your bedroom or living room as a beautiful glittering ornament.

Personalized Calendar Keychain

A double keychain, one for a name or a sweet little message, and another with a calendar with a date circled out in a heart – to mark the special date for your anniversary, wedding, or any other significant event!

Rose Bear

Everyone likes a cute bear! But how about a bear made of roses? Choose from 3 different rose colors and add a little (more) romance to this classic gift!


Sunflower Necklace

A sunflower necklace, for the special sunshine in your life! A cheerful spin on a classic gift to bring some sunshine to your loved one’s life.


Heart Lock Bracelet & Key Necklace

A very creative couple gift, one for you and one for your partner. A lock and key bracelet and necklace set, signifying that your heart is forever safe with the other!


Galaxy Forever Rose

Everyone’s given roses, and even gold roses, but what about a gold-plated, sparkling rainbow-coloured rose? Surprise your lover with this unique prismatically coloured Galaxy Rose.


Universe in a Necklace

Show someone special that they mean the universe to you with this little necklace! Stylized and coloured to reflect stars and galaxies within a mesmerizing little bauble.


Engraved Double Spiral Ring

A couple ring with a unique twist – or spiral, that is. Engrave both your names on this uniquely shaped couple ring, available in several colours!


Handwriting Bracelet

Personalized bracelets are fairly common, but this unique Handwriting Bracelet lets you write several words in a beautiful cursive!


Monogram Mousepad

Mousepads are an often overlooked gift, but if your loved one uses a computer often, it’s a perfect, personal, practical gift for them!


Wooden Accessories Box

The name of this gift is deceptively simple, but it’s one of the more “rustic” looking personalized boxes out there. Glasses and watch are optional!


Wooden Docking Station

For the person who needs all their knick knacks within reach on a beautifully designed docking station / rack. Charge your phone at the same time! (cable not included)


Personalized Yoga Mat Bag

Lots of people love yoga! How about adding a little personalization to yours and / or your partner’s yoga or exercise bag? The perfect lifestyle gift for the yoga lover!


Terraced Jewellery & Makeup Tray

A unique, creative terraced tray set for keeping your jewellery, accessories, makeup brushes and other knick-knacks! Triple-tiered and made of aesthetically pleasing walnut wood.


Teak-designed Tumbler

There are lots of creatively-designed tumblers out there, but how about a more natural-looking teak wood design? Perfect for a variety of situations!


Engraved Leather Wallet

A little message to remind your loved one of you, or to encourage them throughout their day whenever they open their wallet!


Personalized Earring Book

Does she (or he!) love earrings? Why not write a book about it? Well, not quite, but a personalizable book of earrings would be a perfect gift!


The Adventure Begins – Luggage Tag

Another holiday, another adventure together with that special person! Bring this little luggage tag with you on your romantic and exciting adventures together.


Wooden Family Tree

How about a loving gift for the whole family this time? A wonderful decoration for your living or dining room, or to hang around the house!


Aromatherapy Bath Collection

Gift your loved one with the healing power of aromatherapy with this collection of scented baths and oils. How about surprising them with a romantic spa evening?


White Nickel Jewellery Box

The second jewellery box in our Gallery, this one tends toward the functional, but still modern-looking & stylish side.

the crystal trees collection

Do also check out the personalized gifts from our own Collection!

Crystal Tree Collection

Woodchip Coaster


Crystal Tree Collection

Wooden Box – Vines & Plane


Crystal Tree Collection

Engraved Wooden Cutlery Set


Crystal Tree Collection

Wooden Hanger – Couple Set


Crystal Tree Collection

Engraved Wooden Chopping Board


Crystal Tree Collection

Engraved Wooden Spatula


Crystal Tree Collection

Engraved Hair Brush – Floral Wreath


Crystal Tree Collection

Wooden Clock – Butterflies